It is no longer news that the rains are here. Sometimes the downpour is really heavy and at other times; there are light showers which last for hours or even days! Remember the 7-day rains? Quite depressing, I must say.

While it is understood that the rains are an important part of the cycle of life, we must not ignore the fact that with the rains come the intensified problem of one of our worst enemies – Mosquitoes! Those tiny buzzing nuisances which need no introduction.

Did you know that mosquitoes can fly in the rain?

Like us humans, most insects take shelter when it rains. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, in their endless quest to make life miserable for everybody, have evolved a very special way to stay airborne, even during a rainfall. A new study suggests their technique has to do with their very special exoskeleton and low mass.

Besides flying in the rain, mosquitoes breed in puddles of water which can form of course, from the rains. When rain falls, puddles can form round our homes which are a free invitation for Mosquitoes and Malaria.  In 2014, there were close to 1 million searches on Google from Nigeria which were related to Malaria, that’s massive.  While we as Nigerians are looking at remedies from Malaria, it’s important to protect ourselves because even 1 mosquito bite can cause Malaria.

Not to worry though, with Mortein insecticide, we have nothing to fear from the rains. Nothing, at all!  All we need to do is ensure that we buy a can of Mortein insecticide and spray properly in our homes especially our sleeping areas. The emphasis is on properly so that we can ensure that our targets, the mosquitoes, are totally taken out of commission.


Did you know that Mortein Insecticide must be used correctly for maximum effectiveness?

  • Shake can well. Keep can as upright as possible when spraying.
  • Spray directly at the mosquito or other flying insect for fast results. 

Please remember that the Mortein All Insect Killer is for indoor use only and deals with Ants, Cockroaches, Flies, Moths and last but not least, MOSQUITOES.

Also keep your environment clean, drain or cover water containers around your home and sleep inside long lasting insecticidal nets (LLIN) every nights.

Remain Healthy with Mortein throughout the Rainy Season; do check the weather forecast for your state on the Nigerian Meteorological Agency website http://nimet.gov.ng/ and rush now to buy Mortein!


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