Sure, they’re cute on the silver screen, but you don’t want ants taking up residence in your home. Take a few straightforward precautions and your place will soon be an ant-free zone. Sorry, kids!

Resist the temptation to kill ants when you spot one. Instead, get on its tail and follow its path back to the colony. Ants leave a scented trail for their comrades to follow in search of food, so if you want to solve the problem, the key is to destroy the colony.

Usually nesting outdoors, they can set up camp in wall cavities, under the house and in roofs —  particularly in damp areas — and before you know it, you have an uncontrollable ant problem on your hands.

Never fear, you can regain control. As well as using baits, sprays and specially designed ant powder at all potential entry points, such as windows and doors, holes in exterior walls and cracks in the foundation, make sure any ants that do beat your defences don’t find a food source on the other side.

Always store food in lidded containers — no open sugar bowls — and keep an eye on the fruit bowl. Clean eating utensils and dishes soon after use and seal garbage bins. Keep indoor and outdoor areas free of food particles and juice spills as much as possible and wipe down bench surfaces, shelves and drawers, floors, tables and rubbish storage areas regularly.