About Mortein

A true Aussie success story, Mortein dates back to the 1870s when J. Hagemann, a German immigrant to Australia, became fed up with our menagerie of insects. He used crushed chrysanthemum flowers to produce a pyrethrum extract and created an insecticidal powder. The name, believed to have been devised by Hagemann and his French wife, is a combination of the French word mort (dead) and the German ein (one). Dead one? Nice one!

 J. Hagemann, a German immigrant to Australia is the father of the brand. Hagemann introduced a liquid version of Mortein Insecticide in 1928 and In 1953, Mortein pioneered the insecticidal aerosol industry in Australia. ‘Louie the fly’ advertisement was first aired in 1957 

Mortein in Nigeria:

2002: Launched as Insecticides Aerosol in Nigeria- All Insects Killer (AIK), All Insects Killer-Odourless (OIK), and Cockroach Insects Killer (CIK).
2002: Launched Mortein Coils (Green & Red Coils)
2006: Re-launched with Dual Formulation (AIK range) & CIK with Egg kill
2007: Relaunched AIK range with Globally Harmonized pack graphics.
2007: Launched Mortein with Dettol Germ stop AIK.
2007: Launched AIK 600ml
2009: Launched Mortein Liquid Electric Device (LED) in 2 cities.
2010: Extend Mortein LED into 12 cities
2010: Re-launched Mortein under the PowerGard platform.
2014: Launched Mortein Automatic Insect Control System (AICS)